Arendsen Steel offers a broad range of products needed to perform a variety of operations. A few examples:

  • Bending material
  • Rolling
  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Sawing
  • Drilling
  • Curving
  • Clipping
  • Bevelling
  • Drilling and milling operations
  • Blasting
  • Protective Treatment

The production process takes place following a trajectory involving stand-alone machines, or along a fully automated trajectory, controlled from our machine room.

Our punching, drilling and cutting machine can:

  • Cut sheets up to a maximum size of 6000×2500 mm, thickness 5 to 100 mm. Cut with plasma up to 40 mm and acetylene up to 100 mm.
  • Drill holes up to Ø50 with 8-fold automatic exchanger. Thread cutting up to M33. Adjust holes for cylinder head and countersunk bolt heads. Punch up to Ø100, kN1000 with 8-fold automatic exchanger. Mark plates. Mill welding edges and contours.

Our drilling and sawing machine can:

  • Saw/drill up to HE 1000B maximum length 26 metres
  • Tungsten carbide drilling up to Ø 50
  • Mark
  • Drill from 3 sides with 6-way exchanger
  • Saw up to 45º and 60º

Our drilling and milling machine can:

  • Work in a range up to 610 wide, 305mm high
  • Drill holes up to Ø40 with 6-fold automatic exchanger
  • Mill with 6-fold automatic exchanger
  • Mark

Our punching cutter can:

  • Cut strips up to 500 x 25
  • Diagonal cutting up to 45º
  • Punch up to Ø50 1100 kN
  • Mark
  • Automatic feeding
  • Cut L-iron up to 200x200x20 mm
  • Punch vertically and horizontally

Our blasting machine can:

With our blasting machine the steel is blasted according to standard SA 2.5 after which the welding process takes place.

Protective coating facility:

After the production process, the coating in any desired RAL colour is applied by means of a multilayer system in our protective coating facility.