As steel industry experts, we can design, engineer, produce, and assemble your steel structure. We are closely involved in your project from the design phase onwards. Our expert team assists you with advice, adjustments, and solutions. We produce steel structures for non-residential construction, for example: industrial facilities, offices, schools, exhibition stands, sports facilities, and recreational buildings. In addition, we produce housing structures.

Steel structures with protective treatment

We have a fully equipped facility where the welded and blasted steel structures are provided with a protective coating. We carry out the various finishing treatments in special climate-controlled rooms. We also provide the following services according to regulatory requirements:

  • hot-dip galvanising
  • polishing
  • powder coating

Your steel structure can be delivered in any colour desired!


We never sit still at Arendsen Steel; we are always searching for innovation. For example, in the technical field we work with steel processing: we were closely involved in the development of the first fully-automated punching, drilling and cutting machine and were also the first company to use it.

In addition, market developments have also created a demand for adapted steel structures; technical innovations in the field of building and construction move quite quickly and we are always up to date. A good example is the structure we installed last year under a solar panel system in Abu Dhabi.